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Application & Effects Ideal for: Stress, headaches, jaw pain, CMD, neck pain, neck tension, stiff neck, back pain, shoulder pain and movement restrictions in the shoulder. Fields of application: Self-massage of neck, jaw, chest, back, shoulder and shoulder blades. Effects: Promotes blood circulation and relaxes your muscles. Brings you into the here and now. Application: Place the head of the MassageFee in the desired area. Pull the handle of the Massage Fairy and build up pressure. "Release" the point by keeping the pressure up or by making small circular movements. Here you will find detailed instructions. Properties Massage device for trigger points and fasciae in the neck, jaw, back and shoulder area. Made of high-tech materials. 100 % Made in Germany. TÜV tested quality. What is the MassageFee®? The MassageFee® is a trigger point and fascial massager that allows you to release tension yourself - easily, anywhere and at any time. Whether sitting or standing, whether in the office, on the train, on the plane or on the sofa. With the MassageFee® you can relax anywhere. Differentiation from other trigger points and fascia bars? In contrast to many other massage sticks, the MassageFee® is manufactured 100% in Germany. Furthermore, the MassageFee® is TÜV tested. Therefore we can ensure a very high quality and give you a two-year guarantee. To guarantee you the highest quality, we produce in Germany according to ISO standards. We want to help people and have developed the MassageFee® with a lot of heart and soul. Thousands of satisfied customers and strong partners in the private as well as business sector speak. Areas of application of the MassageFee® The MassageFee® was developed for the massage of fasciae and trigger points in the neck, jaw, shoulder and upper back. Here you can achieve extremely good results. You can apply it to: • headaches • Jaw pain • CMD • Restrictions of movement in the temporomandibular joint • Neck pain • Neck tensions • Stiff neck • Shoulder pain • Movement restrictions of the shoulder • Back pain and much more In the area of the lower back more intensive massages are often necessary. This is where the MassageFee® can reach its limits, especially with stronger people. In this case we recommend our MassageFee® Wood-Edition. Alternatively we recommend our cork fascia ball for this area. Thousands of satisfied customers and strong partners in the private as well as business sector speak for us. Is the application of the MassageFee® complicated? No, the application is very easy and with a little practice you can achieve fantastic results. In order for you to succeed, we offer you a detailed and free instruction. Can I use the MassageFee® as a trigger point massager? Of course: The MassageFee® was specially developed for the massage of trigger points in the neck, neck, jaw, back and shoulder. You can reach the trigger points in these regions without exerting yourself and achieve amazing results. Can I also use the MassageFee as a fascia stick and loosen my stuck fasciae? This is also possible because fasciae are embedded in your muscles. When you massage your muscles, your fasciae are also massaged at the same time and their adhesions are loosened. For interested parties from Switzerland We do not deliver to Switzerland. We would like to refer our Swiss customers kindly to our importer Dennda Orthopädie.